brand introduction

Name: Well-Lit valve for pure water & chemical liquids Establishment: 2015  
Description of Business:  Business Locations: Maing Chau Headquarters, Maing Chau Hsinchu Branch, Maing Chau Taichung Branch, Maing Chau Tainan Branch  
History :Maing Chau Enterprise Co., Ltd. upholds to the belief of co-prosperity and co-existence with Taiwan industries since its establishment in 1979. Maing Chau has built solid foundation in engineering plastics over some decades by providing the most choices of engineering plastic materials and complete automatic production equipment. The professional technology capacity used in engineering plastics qualifies Maing Chao the leading processional processing manufacturer in domestic engineering plastics. Based on Taiwan, Maing Chau has accumulated engineering plastic expertise and manufacturing quality in Taiwan over the decades, which capacities have been renowned in clients in Taiwan and abroad. The company accounts for an important role in the international engineering plastic industries.  

As global technology advances and processing technology improves, clients’ demand for component quality also upgrades accordingly. Chairman Robin Lo applies the professional and technical capacity of Maing Chau Enterprise in engineering plastics and takes the advantage of Taiwan’ industries by investing in the business development of valves for pure water & chemical liquids. In 2018, Maing Chau successfully launched its brand product, “Well-Lit Valve for Pure Water & Chemical Liquids” to meet the demand pure water and high-purity chemical liquid processing, from high-tech industries such as semiconductor, LCD, solar power, LED, and electronic chemical engineering factories. Our Well-Lit Valve for Pure Water & Chemical Liquids” are made in Taiwan and currently certified for adoption by various advanced processing equipment companies and system engineering companies in Taiwan and overseas. Maing Chau have many success stories for applications in multiple high-tech factories.  

Corporate Philosophy  

  1. Reliable material quality 
  2. Superior R&D team 
  3. Concise processing technology 
  4. Complete laboratory tests 
  5. Rigorous assemble process